DIY Minischultüte

DIY mini school bag

Your children's design has probably been decided for a long time, but what about the school cones for the little siblings? And is the school enrollment present for nieces; Nephews and Co. already? If not, this week's DIY might just come in handy! You can download a DIY for a mini school cone here that goes with the School Friends collection. I recommend a little thicker paper so that the school cone doesn't crumple right away.

On my Instagram account you will find a reel for instructions.

I wish you lots of fun crafting and a strong start to school!

Your Miriam

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Mit dieser Minizuckertüte hast du mir heute den Tag versüßt-ich war auf der Suche nach einer kleinen Geschwistervariante und diese wird es nun werden. Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine liebevolle Arbeit. Alles Liebe


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