Bald geht die Schule wieder los und und ruck zuck sind die Ferien zu Ende.

School will start again soon and the holidays will be over in no time.

Soon it's back to school, the time for sleeping in and adventures is over. In order to be able to dream of the sea at least in the morning when looking at the memo board, I have something for you here!

We've just bathed in the sea and we're already thinking about everyday life again. School starts again here in Hamburg next week. It's doubly exciting with us, because the eldest starts fifth grade after the holidays and her little sister's pre-school years begin.

The preparations also include a timetable, which the children from grade 2 fill out themselves and hang on the memo board in the kitchen. This year we have one with a whale that my son asked me to make. I would love to share it with you, have fun with it!

Timetable download link

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